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You know how people are looking to better their life and feel amazing just for the fact that they have won the life lottery?

I am Carmen Jacob, and I am one of those people who are helping people to get where they want to be. There is no road too hard; there is no problem to deep, there is no past too distant, there is no loneliness too silent.

You can conquer what life puts in front of you. And because life is all about connections, you don’t have to walk alone on your journey.

Connect with me and let’s see together how to make it easier for you, how to make it faster, how to make it pleasant.

On this website, you will discover resources and activities that will improve your self-awareness, develop your talents and potential, enhance the quality of your life and will contribute to the realization of your dreams and aspirations.

I strongly believe that there are no limits to what you can achieve. Do you believe that too?

Allow me to be there for you and put a light on your road. Let’s make it easier, faster and rewarding.

Helping people was always my calling even when I was working as a self-employed accountant.

It was quite funny. I was a great accountant, and I had a lot of clients. Yet, the majority of people coming to me for advice and a helping hand came for personal reasons rather than professionals ones.

Unfortunately, I had to live my own personal tragedy to immerse myself fully and completely into helping people and do nothing else, to add new and insightful knowledge to my native affinities to help people.

Working with people, I’ve realized the fact that just changing something about themselves alone, people don’t get to have the life they want and deserve. Even small changes are helping. It’s true. However for a dramatic and lasting change, these big or small changes have to cover the entire world of a person for that change to produce a noticeable positive effect.

Shape your world

concept, treats you as a unique individual and an essential part of the system you’re living in.

Whatever you change about yourself, no matter how small, has an effect on this system that you’re part of your family, your work environment, your friendships and so on.

This is an important thing to consider when you want to grow when you want to better yourself because it’s possible to OUTgrow everybody around yourself in a way that leaves no room for the good relationships you had.

Shape Your World gives you the best chances to grow alongside with your loved ones and those you care about.

Shape your World gives you the power to influence people in such a way that will have only positive effects over those around you and yourself.

Shape Your World is giving you the right attitude, the tools, the knowledge, the framing and the desire to have the best impact on your world and the world of those that matter to you.

In every book I’m writing, every course, webinar, every other teaching I’m offering, I’m always keeping in high regards your entire world not just you as an individual.

You are the most important, that’s right, and for you to be happy, healthy, to have a great life, to be able to accomplish things, to use your talents and your potential to the fullest, you will shape not just yourself but your entire world.

Do you think this is possible? Do you think that you can have a great impact on your entire world?

Let me tell you this: you already have a great impact on your world! It’s just that you haven’t done it deliberately until today.

My goal with all my work is this: #1 for You to accomplish all your needs and wants and desires, for you to get to the highest point you can reach and #2 in return, I will have the satisfaction of being a useful human being in this world.

How does this deal seem to you? Is it fair enough?

To accomplish all these, I’ve built under

Shape your world

cupola a cluster of concepts, teachings, books, courses and webinars that will provide for you all you need to have to shape your world.

What can you expect and how will this help:

  • A Step by step system for goals setting – this system includes tricks and tips to be motivated, the criteria for a positive and highly achievable goal, the step by step formula to get to your goal.
  • Collections of concepts that will change the perspective in life in a way that your bad events from your past will never again cause bad events in your future. A deeper understanding of the events in your past and a smooth transition into your positive future.
  • A complete course on the art of influence. Knowing how to influence people in an ethical manner will bring you prosperity, amazing relationships, amazing accomplishments and many more.
  • Ways to give you the best chances in life. We often start working towards greatness, and we don’t know where to start, and we don’t know that some of our actions are not helping all contrary are being detrimental to your end purpose. “Give yourself the best chances” clarifies for you how to make yourself a lucky person because , after all, luck is something that we do.
  • Positive tools and practices to be an assertive person. Know your rights and find your voice to ask for them with confidence and conviction.
  • Simple and effective ways to improve and boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • How to attract positive people and things into your life.

These are just a few subjects and many more will follow. To be able to be right by you, I will appreciate if you let me know your desires, your wants, your needs so that I can personalize just for you future programs, systems, etc

What you will discover here, you will not find anywhere else!

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