Carmen Jacob

"You can conquer whatever life puts in front of you.

Because life is all about connections, you don’t have to walk alone on your journey."

Arm yourself with insightful secrets about how to turn your life from borderline boring to exciting, from fairly good to amazing:

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Chapter 7: How to Build a Personal and Family Support System
  What is a personal support system and how to build it? The need for a support system is not[...]
Chapter 6: How to Be (more) Assertive. Assertiveness Skills Training.
  What is assertiveness? Assertiveness is putting your foot down; it is knowing to ask for what you want, desire[...]
Chapter 5: 3 Secrets to Improve Your Influence Skills
The fourth core interpersonal skill: Influence Why is influence a significant interpersonal skill? Because we are influencing each other all[...]
Chapter 4: Interpersonal Communication Skills
  What is communication? It is the process of exchanging information, ideas, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. How are we communicating?[...]
Chapter 3: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Skills
Negotiation is placing the opinions, the desires and the needs of all the parties involved side by side not face[...]

Who am I?

You know how people are looking to better their life and feel amazing just for the fact that they have won the life lottery?  

I am Carmen Jacob and I am one of those people who are helping people to get where they want to be. There is no road too hard, there is no problem to deep, there is no past too distant, there is no loneliness too silent.

You can conquer what life puts in front of you. And because life is all about connections, you don’t have to walk alone on your journey.

Connect with me and let’s see together how to make it easier for you, how to make it faster, how to make it pleasant.

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