You Have Won the Lottery. The Life Lottery.

We have moments in life when we doubt our purpose in life and our purpose to live.

I guess that when you are sad or depressed or uninspired the thought that you have received this great gift that is your life, doesn’t seem so great.

However, this gift is so precious: it’s 1 in 400 trillion, to be more exact.

There must be something special about you to have had received this gift. Don’t ever doubt that.

Your life is an answer and the answer for many people and situations around you.

We have this idea that in life, we have to find a purpose, The Purpose.

And it would seem, at times, that no purpose we find is big or great enough to celebrate and honor the great gift of life.

Why is so hard to find our purpose in life? Because, rarely happens to have just one single purpose and even more rarely it happens to have the same purpose for our entire life. We are changing all the time, we grow, and our purposes are changing and growing with us.

This change could make us feel as if we haven’t found the purpose, yet we alway have a purpose and not just one but many purposes.

If you don’t know your life’s purpose is not because you don’t have it, but because you don’t see it. Maybe you’re expecting something more grandiose, spectacular and extraordinary. With good reason, though, because people are talking so much about this “one” purpose that you might think that no purpose you have, it’s big and great enough.

Sometimes your purposes are simply to be present in your life, to be your own person, to know who you are, to stand for what you believe in, to share and spread your knowledge and goodness.

There must be something special about you to have had received the gift of life.

Don’t ever doubt that.

You are already special enough, so your purposes can be the most ordinary ones.

Carmen Jacob

My mission in life is to help people turn their lives from borderline boring to exciting, from fairly good to amazing.

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